Automobile Transponder Keys and Fobs

Modern drivers constantly use automobile transponder keys and fobs, from unlocking their vehicles to starting the ignition. Car key transponders provide convenience, doing away with the need to manually use a key for your automobile. Michael’s Keys Locksmith is a leading provider of this convenient technology so you can hit the open road. From car key fob repair and replacement products to programming new transponders, we have the items and experience to work with your vehicle’s make and model.

Our Extensive Selection of Transponder Key Products

Car key transponders may look like traditional keys but instead, have attachments. Many new vehicles only have a plastic device, commonly called a “key fob” or “transponder chip key.”

Michael’s Keys Locksmith carries transponder keys that will properly function with your vehicle when you are in close proximity to it. Our products help you:

  • Safely access the vehicle’s ignition sequence.
  • Prevent vehicle theft and “hot wiring.”
  • Make it easy to control your vehicle’s access functionality.

We carry a wide variety of car key transponders and have experts who are skilled in the services needed to set up these products. Michael’s Keys Locksmith is your go-to provider of transponder keys for every vehicle and we can even help with automotive locks and ignition switches.

Transponder Key Programming Near Me

From damage to extended use, transponder keys may stop working after a period of time. If you need a replacement transponder key, Michael’s Keys Locksmith has the ability to supply you with durable solutions that can be programmed for your vehicle.

A few facts about transponder key programming:

  • Replacement key fobs must be programmed – you cannot only have a new key cut.
  • Car key fob repair is sometimes possible. Bring your fob to Michael’s Keys Locksmith and we’ll advise you on whether a repair is possible or if a new key fob will be more cost-effective.
  • It only takes around 30 minutes to program or re-program a transponder key (though availability varies).
  • Costs of programming depend on the make and model of your car, but the average cost is around $50 to $80.
  • While auto dealers can program new transponders, their costs can be as high as $500. A local key and locksmith provider such as Michael’s Keys Locksmith is a more affordable solution.
  • In most cases, you aren’t required to have a working transponder key or fob to create a new one, as locksmiths will be able to use the vehicle’s programming.

View the numerous transponder key products that our team can program. Select your favorite and we’ll get to work!

How Can I Tell If My Car Requires a Chip Key?

Michael’s Keys Locksmith will work with you to determine the correct transponder for your vehicle. Your chip key can be programmed so you can start your vehicle with the simple click of a button.

You can generally surmise that your car uses a transponder chip key if:

  • There is no place to insert a traditional key into an ignition.
  • Your car was manufactured after the mid-1990’s, you likely have some form of a transponder chip key, even if a traditional key is attached.
  • Your key body seems thicker and the part that you hang on to when you turn the key is fatter and made of plastic, you most likely have a transponder key.

Our team has the resources to provide you with almost any transponder chip key type on the market. For questions about your specific needs, talk with our friendly customer service staff.

hand holding the keys over photo blurred of a silver car

Resolving Stolen Transponder Key Issues

Protecting your vehicle from a stolen car key transponder can be a complicated process, but it is one that can be resolved.

The access code to your vehicle must be changed, meaning you will need to reprogram the car and any transponder keys you have in your possession.

Once the car has been reprogrammed, the controlled keys can be programmed to the new code and the stolen transponder will no longer function.

Talk to Michael’s Keys Locksmith if you have a stolen transponder key. We can guide you through this process to reduce the frustration and give you peace of mind with re-programmed transponders that offer secure access.

All of our products are aligned to our re-programming services so you can choose the transponder you desire.

Michael’s Keys Locksmith: Your Partner for Automobile Transponder Keys and Fobs.

From Colleyville to Fort Worth and Rowlett, Michael’s Keys Locksmith has the products and resources for your vehicle access needs. We’ve served our local Texas communities for more than 30 years and can provide the solution for your car, truck, or SUV.

Purchase from our online store or speak with our knowledgeable team if you have more questions.