Standard, Vanity, and High Security Keys

Keys are used to access the world. We use them to lock and unlock our homes, the fence gate, businesses, and every entry point that would otherwise be left unsecured. Certain keys are manufactured to open sensitive and highly protected locks, and are only available directly from a professional key dealer. Michael’s Keys Locksmith is your trusted provider of standard, vanity, and high security keys with thousands of options to choose from. Every key is paired to its corresponding lock with custom craftsmanship and care. Find the perfect key for your needs, today.

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Standard Keys

Used in primary circulation, standard keys can be used for most general applications. These keys fit standard locks, as well as door hardware, desk locks, certain padlocks, and more.

Standard keys can also be duplicated and cut. While this service is provided at many hardware and building supply stores, they may not have the correct key blank to cut your new keys, as dealers have different key blank stock available to them.

We do it differently. At Michael’s Keys Locksmith:

  • We stock over 5000 key blanks and will order any blank we don’t have to fit your needs.
  • Our team can cut any of the up to 300,000 combinations a key blank can have.
  • Keys are portable, durable solutions that are cut to last.

We provide an extensive selection of key blanks from the industry’s top brands to create standard keys. It’s recommended that you visit us at any one of our five Texas locations for an expert cut. However, you can also find your perfect key blank online.

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Vanity Keys

With fun, enjoyable vanity keys, you can show your team pride or feature a cool logo or image.

Vanity keys are the same as standard keys, however, they provide the user with imagery or even a unique shape. Michael’s Keys Locksmith carries several vanity keys – a great option if you want a key that is special to display on your keyring.

Options include:

  • Sports Keys – Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc.
  • Light Up Keys
  • Novelty Keys
  • Character Keys
  • More!

Discover vanity key options within our online store or visit us to select your favorite.

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High Security Keys

For added protection of sensitive items, high security key systems are available. Michael’s Keys Locksmith is a full-service provider of these unique items. We carry key stock and special cutting equipment for these solutions that are manufactured from trustworthy companies like Multi-Lock and MEDECO.

What is a High Security Key?

A high-security key provides the most secure access of any key system. Applications often include protections for business solutions, but are also used at residential homes for an extra layer of security.

For example, standard locks may be changed out for MEDECO high security locks. Longer screws can also be added to hardware to reduce access for an intruder. We have found that often, residential homes are built with flimsy door hardware. Even the most highly secure locking system will fail if it is connected to a weak door jamb with short screws.

High Security Key Cutting Near Me

Michael’s Keys Locksmith supplies and controls the distribution of your high security key systems.

For high security key cutting that is handled by industry professionals, trust our team:

  • We take care of the coding and cutting of your high security keys and will only make copies for personnel on a signature list that we manage.
  • Our high security keys also live up to their name. From dual pins to anti-drilling features, lock picking is nearly impossible.

Talk with us about your high security key cutting needs and we will work with you to provide a safe and secure solution.

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Falcon 24 R EO Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device

Dogging Keys

Need solutions for your exit devices? Michael’s Keys Locksmith carries dogging keys for dogging assemblies. For areas with high traffic or to simply make it easier by holding a latchbolt in place, choose from our dogging keys to streamline the flow on your doors when necessary.

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Keys for Every Need

For more than 30 years, Michael’s Keys Locksmith has proudly provided Colleyville, the Mid-Cities, and all of our extended service area with quality key solution. With laser key cutting abilities, a fully-stocked key selection, and professional customer service, we work hard to assist you with your needs.

Select the perfect keys for your applications from Michael’s Keys Locksmith and talk with us if you have any questions about our products.

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