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Medeco 4

At Michael’s Key Locksmith, we make it our mission to provide safety and protection products that deliver uncompromised confidence and security to our customers. As a proud partner of Medeco Locks and Keys, our newest high security, protection product is the Medeco 4 – the ultimate in safety technology.

Patented Technology for New Age Security

The Medeco 4 is where security and technology combine to create the ultimate home and residence protection product. With a patented M4 key design and movable element technology, the emerging threat of 3D key printing is no more.

As well as the moveable key element, side-by-side lift pins that are built into the cylinder are activated by contact, ensuring a deeper level of pick resistance and deterring the unauthorized duplication of keys.

Medeco 4 Features and Benefits

For those looking for the ultimate in safety and protection against unauthorized breaking and entering, the Medeco 4 is the product to choose. Patented Medeco 4 (M4) cylinders are UL 437 Listed and constructed of solid brass and hardened-steel in order to better protect residence owners against drilling attacks.

The unique design features 4 side pins, a combination of three finger pins and one lift pin to enhance pick resistance and protect against every opening.

The elite benefits that customers can expect to receive from their Medeco 4, include:

  • Enhanced drill protection against drilling attacks
  • M4 BiLevel system flexibility for custom security level integration
  • Better Masterkeying capabilities
  • Specialized and restricted key access
  • Available retrofit cylinder formats for added convenience
Medeco M4 Exploded View

High Security Protection Across Multiple Applications

Residence protection shouldn’t begin and end at homes alone. With improved protection and innovative technology, the Medeco 4 can be utilized for multiple applications and provide the elite, trusted protection our customers deserve.

Shop the Medeco 4 for applications, including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Apartments
  • Schools
  • Retail Buildings
  • Hospitals

Shop Other Medeco High Security Locks and Keys

As a trusted supplier of Medeco locks and keys, we’re delivering elevated security that you can see and feel. In order to provide uncompromised security, each Medeco product must be ordered directly through our team, ensuring the quality and care that meets our standards.

Our team can provide the resource management of a variety of items, including:

  • The coding for the cutting of each MEDECO key is kept by our team.
  • We are the exclusive supplier of copies for your MEDECO keys. 
  • Copies are made only for personnel on a managed signature list.

Trust Your Residence with Michael's Keys Locksmith

At Michael’s Key Locksmith, we only partner with brands that share our vision for uncompromised protection. With over 40+ top brand-names in security, you can trust that we have the exact product or service you’re looking for to better protect your residence or business. For over 30 years, our dedicated team have been offering industry-leading services and products for Colleyville, the Mid-Cities, and our extended service area, delivering protection you can trust. For more information on our Medeco 4 product or to get in touch with a team member, please contact us today!