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One of our customers says:

Ten stars if I could!

5.0 Star Rating

September 9, 2019

I have a computerized entry system into my office that went on the fritz. Per Tech Support’s recommendation, I replaced the system board and reprogrammed it, but no avail. I measured resistances, sniffed wires through the building, but no gold. I had no expectation that Michael’s Keys had any more that a distant knowledge of this system. Wrong! Despite non-standard wiring due to fire code, they diagnosed it very quickly to a broken wire to the crash bar inside the door frame. It’s hard for me to be impressed, especially on a technical issue, but I am VERY impressed. These guys are SHARP!

Eric Schmidt

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24 Hour Locksmith

We have a tech on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, in case of emergencies.

CCTV Installer<img alt=”CCTV Installer” width=”230″ height=”153″ title=”SecurityCameraInstaller_opt” data-id=”2611″ src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/SecurityCameraInstaller_opt.jpg” style=”width: 100%;”>

Security Cameras

Be pro-active and have Security camera’s installed on your property.

Securtity Saves<img alt=”Securtity Saves” width=”230″ height=”152″ title=”SafesTrio_opt” data-id=”2610″ src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/SafesTrio_opt.jpg” style=”width: 100%;”>

How to Buy A Safe

Follow these tips to find the perfect Security Safe for your home or business.

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Door Hardware

We sell and service both Commercial and Residential door hardware of all kinds.

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Let me ask you a Question?

Which sounds better – wasting a full morning, afternoon, or day on a locksmith related or security camera project, or having a reasonably priced professional do the job quickly and get it right the first time?

We stand behind our work and our technicians do this stuff day-in and day-out so you get a top quality  job done quickly.

We source keys of all types. We cut keys and rekey doors and cabinets for homes and businesses. Call now for our Speedy Service. We’ll send a Tech right away.

If you are locked out of your car or company van we can help. If your key is broken off in the ignition – no problem. We can fix that.

Locked out of your home? We will get you back in quick. We will need to know that you are the actual homeowner. Be prepared to prove who you are.

We are “big” into high security locks and access control for businesses. Ask around and you will see that we are the most trusted Locksmith in the Metroplex.

Get Closed Circuit Security Cameras for your Home or Business. We sell high quality, reasonably priced equipment and our installers are “top notch”.

Old Safes, New Safes!

We’ve got ’em we fix them and we move them.  We even rent them! We do Vaults too! Give us a call for pricing.

Check our Selection of Door Hardware. 

Our Installers make quality repairs, replacements and / or upgrades quickly and carefully.

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Here are 4 Good Reasons why you should choose Michael’s Keys – Top Locksmith in Fort Worth:

  • Fast – Our 34+ trucks and over 65 certified and well trained security professionals insure that we can take care of you quick. We have dispatchers working for you 24/7.
  • Protected – Our technicians are both licensed and insured.
  • Courteous – Our friendly Technicians are trained to respect our customers and their property.
  • Angie’s List – We have an “A” rating and we’ve won their prestigious Super Service Award for five years running.


Commercial Services

Safe Locksmith Fort Worth<img title=”Safe Locksmith Fort Worth” src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Safe-Locksmith-Fort-Worth.png” alt=”Safe Locksmith Fort Worth” width=”200″ height=”150″>

Commercial Locksmith in Fort Worth, Colleyville, and North Dallas.

Commercial Lockout Services

Call (817) 581-8992 in Fort Worth or (972) 498-1026 in the Mid-Cities to get quick commercial lockout service. Michaels Keys locksmith Fort Worth will immediately dispatch a professional, licensed and insured technician to your business address to get you back to work ASAP! Our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day.

Access Control

The term access control is a catchall that includes many devices and methods to control the use of a room, building or piece of equipment. Some of the devices used to accomplish this include: Proximity Card Readers, Magnetic Stripe Readers, Fob Card Reader Systems, Biometric Locks, Key Control Systems, Master Key Systems, Motion Detectors, High-Security Locks, Military-Grade Locks, and much more. Michael’s Keys has a highly trained and qualified staff that is certified to install and maintain a wide variety of access control locks and devices. We are the leader in access control in Fort Worth, Mid-Cities, and North Dallas.

Commercial Locks and Safes

Many small businesses use safes that are fairly equivalent to high end home safes. For the most part these safes are mounted so as to make them less portable. Most business safes are bigger and weigh a lot more than the home safe. Because of this, moving the safe can be quite a challenge. Local locksmiths are usually called in to handle that task. Michaels employs two full time safe movers that are experts in this area.

The locks you find in commercial buildings are usually of a higher quality and more tolerant of abuse. High security areas may employ high security locks and even biometric locks depending on the need. We carry proximity and digital locks by “Alarm Lock”, standalone touchscreen locks by “ASSA ABLOY”, Logic series digital locks, keys and management system by “medeco”. All these are state of the art. We can install and maintain anything in their product lines.


If you have missing keys to your facility, we recommend that you have your locks re-keyed. This will prevent easy access to you business by those who shouldn’t be there. Of course, if you are using the newer high security electronic locking systems, reprogramming is all that is needed (an electronic re-key, so to speak).

Master Key System

Although most people are familiar with the term “master key”, they associate it only with the single standard key the hotel manager or cleanup staff might have to gain access to all rooms. Today’s master key systems are really high tech. Companies like “medeco” have stretched the envelop to the max with their LOGIC series of keys and locks. They even have an interface that even the end user can easily use to reprogram their own locks and keys. It offers a complete record management system to keep track of entries and exits.

Electronic Keypads

As mentioned earlier, many companies and institutions have “gone electronic” to secure there spaces. Some, like ASSA ABLOY, with their revolution series are ideal for healthcare facilities, offices, retail environments, K – 12 schools, and government facilities. It allows locking out individual users or groups of users. This lock is one of many that Michael’s Keys carries. Call today for more information.


Residential Services

Locksmith Fort Worth Home<img title=”Locksmith Fort Worth Home” src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Locksmith-Fort-Worth-Home.png” alt=”Locksmith Fort Worth Home” width=”200″ height=”122″>Residential Locksmith Services in Fort Worth, Colleyville, and North Dallas, Texas.

Residential Lockout Services

Our dispatchers are ready to help you 24/7. Call us at (817) 581-8992 in Fort Worth or (972) 498-1026 in the Mid-Cities and we will dispatch a qualified, licensed and insured technician to your home as quickly as possible. Because we have 23 trucks in the Fort Worth / Dallas mid-cities area and over forty employees, we will get the job done ASAP!

Locks Installed and Repaired

If your door locks are sticking or just quit working we can help. If you have broken a key in a lock, we can get it out or we can replace the lock. We can re-key locks for you as well. We also work on filing cabinet locks and any kind of lock you may have.

Key Duplication

We keep over 5000 key blanks in stock at all times. If we can’t make a key for you, it just can’t be done. Visit any of our three locations in the Fort Worth and Dallas mid-cities area for quick key replacement.

We Re-Key Locks

Re-Keying is changing the internal mechanism in the lock so that it requires a new key to open it. This is needed when you lose a key and are afraid that someone may gain unauthorized access to your home. Other times you might want to re-key is when going through a divorce, if a family member has loaned keys out, or if you are moving into a previously owned home. The locksmith Fort Worth trusts, Michael’s Keys, is equipped to handle the job. Call us today at (817) 581-8992 in Fort Worth or (972) 498-1026 in the Mid-Cities. Our technicians cover anywhere in Fort Worth or North Dallas.

Home Safes

We carry a wide selection of safes for the home to protect your valuables. People purchase safes for various reasons. The four top reasons are to protect valuables from fire, water, burglary and, of course to keep dangerous items like guns from being accessible to our children. We stock a complete line of safes in all price ranges and levels of security.


Automotive Services

Locksmith Chip Key<img title=”Locksmith Chip Key” src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Locksmith-Chip-Key.png” alt=”Locksmith Chip Key” width=”200″ height=”150″>

Automotive Locksmith Services in Fort Worth, Colleyville, and North Dallas, Texas.

Automotive Lockout Services

We maintain a crew of four full time dispatchers and we are here to help you 24 hours a day seven days a week. Just call us at (817) 581-8992 in Fort Worth or (972) 498-1026 in the Mid-Cities and we will immediately send a professional technician to you to get you back in you car. We have 23 trucks and over 30 locksmith technicians in the Fort Worth / Dallas mid-cities area. Michael’s Keys is The Emergency Locksmithof choice.

Broken Key Removal

Our technicians are experts at removing broken keys from automotive ignition systems. They are also well qualified to replace your ignition switch if necessary. We are licensed and insured. Michael’s Keys is your best Fort Worth Locksmith choice. And remember, we are always available with 24 hour locksmith services.

We Make Car Keys

We maintain an inventory of over 5000 key blanks. We can cut a key for any make or model of car, and even program Transponder Keys for you. Not all Fort Worth locksmiths can do that. Our prices are very competitive and way lower than dealer prices.

Automotive Keyless Entry Systems

We can easily install or replace your automotive remote entry device. Our vehicle electronic assess systems use “hopping codes” or “rolling codes” that make it nearly impossible for anyone to “guess” the combination and break into your car. Each of these security locks have a unique code that is one of over a trillion possibilities!

Transponder Keys

Many modern cars now use transponder keys to help prevent car theft. These devices, also known as a “chip keys”, have electronics inside the plastic portion of the key. The electronics in the key requires no battery. When you turn the key, in the ignition, the car’s transponder (computer under the hood) sends a signal to the key. It responds by sending a coded signal back to the vehicle’s computer. Typically if these keys get lost or damaged, you must get a new one from the dealer or a certified locksmith. Michael’s Keys, your Fort Worth Locksmith, can cut and program all known transponder keys.

We Are Members Of:

Texas Locksmith Association<img alt=”Texas Locksmith Association” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”Texas Locksmith Association” data-id=”59″ src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/TexasLocksmithAssociation1.jpg” style=”width: 100%;”>

Texas Locksmiths Association

Promoting a spirit of cooperation among locksmiths of all races, creeds, and national origins, with the goal of better and more professional service to the public.

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Associated Locksmiths Of America

Continuing education for the locksmith is provided by seminars and classes presented by lock manufacturers, locksmithing schools and locksmith associations, including the Associated Locksmiths of America.

Member Safe & Vault Technician Association<img alt=”Member Safe & Vault Technician Association” width=”292″ height=”79″ title=”Member Safe & Vault Technician Association” data-id=”41″ src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/MemberSaveVaultAssn.jpg” style=”width: 100%;”>


SAVTA is the Safe & Vault Technicians Association – The worlds leading trade association devoted entirely to serving professional safe and vault technicians worldwide.

Safe and Vault Movers DFW<img src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Safe-Opening1_opt.png” alt=”Safe and Vault Movers DFW”>Rent A Safe In DFW Area<img src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Rent-A-Safe-1.jpeg” alt=”Rent A Safe In DFW Area” width=”210″ height=”173″>Safe and Vault Movers DFW<img src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/WeMoveSafes.png” alt=”Safe and Vault Movers DFW”>

What Our Customers Say:

Great Locksmith<img alt=”” title=”thumbs-up-4007573_960_720″ data-id=”2665″ src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/thumbs-up-4007573_960_720.png” style=”width: 100%;” width=”960″ height=”671″>

Had duplicate house keys made at Mr C’s and Home Depot that didn’t work. Had 2 made at Michael’s that work perfectly. Going to see them about duplicate for my car next. Fingers crossed that it won’t be terribly expensive!

 – Carol Warriner

Best Locksmith<img alt=”” title=”twoThumbsUp” data-id=”2666″ src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/twoThumbsUp.png” style=”width: 100%;” width=”512″ height=”430″>

Locked ourselves out of our house & they were here within the hour. Very professional, verified our identity & took care of our property. $165 to open which seemed more reasonable than replacing a window! Highly recommend!

– Amy Moreno

Great Locksmith<img alt=”” title=”thumbs-up-4007573_960_720″ data-id=”2665″ src=”https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/thumbs-up-4007573_960_720.png” style=”width: 100%;” width=”960″ height=”671″>

They came very quickly and were very professional. I will be using them in the future, and will be recommending them to everyone.

– Kagan Strayer

For More Reviews or to leave a review….Click Here

Michaels Keys COVID-19 Response

Michaels Keys initiated new procedures minimizing contact and spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus between employees and our customers. Our goal is for Michaels Keys employees take proactive measures mitigating exposure to the virus.

We recognize this is a challenging time and strive to ensure you, as an essential security business, our focus is continued support for or customers while taking every precaution available for everyone’s safety.

Michaels Keys enacts the following steps supporting our policy:

  • Practice social distancing of at least six feet.
  • Employees wash hands frequently throughout the day with soap and water.
  • Avoid encountering anyone displaying symptoms of being sick.
  • Restricting our employees to required workspaces
  • Staggering workstations and shifting employees increasing social distancing within our buildings.
  • Restricting sharing of tools or office supplies between our employees.
  • Avoid social interacting practices such as shaking hands.
  • We notified all Michaels Keys employees and technicians there is a no penalty policy in-place during this event where they can take time off if they feel sick or concerned, they may have come in contact with the virus.

Safety to our employees and customers are paramount and we continue to look at approaches which will better address the challenges we face in this rapidly evolving event.

With Michael’s Keys listed as an essential business, we will be here to assist our customers with their ongoing security needs even as we see community shelter in place orders go into effect.

We apologize for any inconveniences which may occur, but our main goal is for everyone’s safety. We are all in this together and if we all do our part, we will come out the other side of these complicated times stronger than before. We suggest helping others when you can. We will overcome and thrive.

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