Black Friday Deal 1

Black Friday Special

This year we are offering a killer deal on a premium Gun Safe!

Over 30% off!

(Guns not included. ;-))

This excellent AMSEC Gunsafe is 60 inches tall X 42 inches wide X 25 inches deep and has a 44 gun capacity. Of course, you probably don’t have 44 guns, but Mama may have some jewelry and you can fit some shelving to hold some documents.

The safe comes with:

  • electrical lights
  • dehumidifier
  • Personal door organizer
  • three-spoke handle
  • black nickel hardware
  • 44 gun capacity
  • 45-minute fire rating
  • textured gray color

At over 30% off the list price, you need to grab one of these before our stock is depleted.

Don’t Delay!

Christmas will be here SOON!

To ask for more information, or to purchase and set up delivery:

Call this number :     (817) 581-8992


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